“Join the green ammonia revolution”

The future of marine fuel lies in green hydrogen and ammonia. In 2024, the world’s first vessel to be exclusively powered by ammonia, the tanker MS Green Ammonia, will be launched. “Join the green ammonia revolution now,” says Christina Ianssen, Head of Sustainability at Aker BioMarine.

Aker Clean Hydrogen will develop, build, own and operate industrial scale green and blue hydrogen and ammonia plants.
Aker Clean Hydrogen

“We’re constantly seeking out locations where we have access to renewable energy and a sufficient power supply. There also need to be good export opportunities or hydrogen and ammonia consumers nearby,” says Ragnhild Stokholm, Head of Sustainability at Aker Clean Hydrogen.

This is one of the reasons why Aker Clean Hydrogen is partnering with Varanger Kraft to develop a production plant in Berlevåg, Norway, where wind power from the Raggovidda plateau will be combined with electricity from the grid and converted into green hydrogen, and finally into green ammonia. The goal is to develop the first commercial value chain for green ammonia in Norway in order to supply shipping and off-grid locations in the Arctic.

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